All You Need To Know About Yerevan In 3 Minutes Read

Yerevan, another capital on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Its residents have lived through a horrific recent history that beggars believe. Armenians are proud of their identity and legacy as a result of their difficult circumstances, and their capital is an outward representation of that pride in many ways. The majority of the country’s main museums, cultural institutions, and restaurants that preserve Armenia’s gastronomic heritage may be found here.

Yerevan is a walking city and a photographer’s dream, with its pink tuff-stone buildings, spacious boulevards, and fountain-filled squares. This list includes my favourite things to do in Yerevan as well as my top places to visit.

Best Time to Visit Yerevan

The temperature of Yerevan is quite pleasurable from April to May and In October also. With the magical spell of spring and the happiness of Easter, the visit can be enjoyed in a delighted way. However, in the months of June to September, the temperature gets too hot, around about 35 degrees to 40 degrees and it might make you tiresome. So, it is better to visit it at a moderate temperature.

How To Get To Yerevan

Armenia’s primary air hub is Zvartnots International Airport, which is 15 kilometres west of Yerevan. Qatar Airways, Pegasus, FlyDubai, and Wizz Air serve the airport, making it reasonably easy to get to Yerevan from Western Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East.

If you’re travelling by land, there are a number of choices for getting into Armenia from Georgia or Iran. It is more feasible to enter from Georgia due to Yerevan’s position and road quality.

Is Yerevan a Safe City For Tourists?

Overall, Yerevan has a low crime rate, and while theft and pickpocketing can occur on occasion, the odds of you being targeted as a visitor are quite slim. They are considerably more likely to shout you a taxi fare or a drink in Yerevan than to try to con you (this has happened to me multiple times). Tourist scams do happen here, but not nearly as frequently as they do in several Western European towns. Overall, even for solitary female travellers, this is a very safe city.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use common sense and practise customary caution when visiting Yerevan. Take care of your stuff, avoid carrying huge sums of money, and respect others’ personal space.

Get a Yerevan Card

If you intend to visit museums (and you should definitely include them in your Yerevan itinerary), the Yerevan Card – the official city pass – is recommended. Not only will you receive free entrance to most museums, but the card will also provide you with free airport transportation, free metro rides, and various discounts across the city, among other benefits.

Visiting Yerevan would be the best option to see the beauty of countries that border it as well. Using this guide for your visit will give you a good insight into Yerevan.

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