The Swedish government has announced that it will be making a significant investment of no less than 35 million kroner, which is around €90 million to the aviation sector.

As of now, the relevant authorities have said that this amount has not yet been handed over but will be included in the spring budget amendment that is on the horizon.

Aviation sector

In a press release on the 21st of February, the government had already underlined how urgent it was for it to financially intervene in the sector.

Consequently, it added that this was necessary due to the inevitable surge in ticket prices within the apparent system for security screening of passengers, as well as their luggage.

The statement cited that without this preventive measure in place, airlines across the country would have to pass on the burden of rising costs to the passengers of all such airlines.

In line with this, Thomas Morell, the spokesman for traffic policy for the Swedish Democrats, added that in a country much like the one he lives in, aviation is one of the leading sectors.

In his words, the extended geography of Sweden at the edges of the continent allows the industry to take up a role in the daily life of the citizens.

He went on to add that there is no doubt about the fact that the aviation sector serves as a lifeline for various businesses across the country.

Therefore, it also aids in the fulfillment of various indispensable roles, such as crucial societal endeavors.

These include various avenues, such as police operations, firefighting efforts, national defense strategies, and ambulance services.


According to Morell, the new investment from the government would allow a foundation to be laid for the continued and rising efficiency of air travel in the near future.

He added that currently, Sweden is dependent on the sector to allow the entire country to function.

It is also a known fact that the entire aviation industry suffered a deep crisis at the time of the pandemic and had to experience a sharp increase in fees within the GAS system.

As a result, the country has been unable to have competitive flights once again. The same was echoed by Andreas Carlson, the Infrastructure and Housing Minister of the country.

She further added that the accumulation of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic escalated the prices of fuel and caused geopolitical unrest in the surrounding regions as well.

Due to these factors, aviation operations in Sweden have suffered severe impact and are continuously struggling.


The minister additionally disclosed that government investment is going to be a strategic maneuver to strengthen the competitiveness of the aviation industry.

As per the government, the standard free equalization mechanism, which is implemented via the GAS system, is necessary for this effort to be successful.

It also aggregates the security screening costs at all security-approved airports in the country and distributes them according to each departing passenger.

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