, a popular travel booking platform, is getting ready to challenge a popular and historic fine, which is imposed by the authorities in Spain.

Booking Holdings made an announcement stipulating its intention to go through with its decision to challenge the draft judgment of the competition authority in Spain.

As per the Spanish competition authority, the company will have to pay a staggering fine of no less than $530 million.

The investigation

The National Markets And Competition Commission (CNMC) in Spain carried out a detailed investigation in 2022 and disclosed that Booking Holdings was found guilty.

The reason why the CNMC slapped the company with a fine is because it believes that Booking Holdings is engaging in anti-competitive practices.

Consequently, the authority was able to determine that the organization would have to pay a substantial fine.

Meanwhile, Booking Holdings expressed severe disappointment with the draft decision presented by the CNMC.

It added that it strongly disagrees with the findings of the Spanish authority and indicated that it intends to make an appeal if the fine is finalized.

The Netherlands-based company currently has a dominating position in the global online hotel booking industry.

As of now, it is also operating as a subsidiary of the Booking Holdings group, which is located in the US.

Booking Holdings

On this note, David Goulden, the Chief Financial Officer, took to stating that he could not believe the decision taken by the relevant authorities.

He went on to characterize the findings and decisions made by CNMC as unprecedented and uncalled for.

Meanwhile, Glenn Forge, the CEO of Booking Holdings, went on to reiterate that the company is going to appeal the matter in court if the Spanish authority decides to go ahead with the fine.

According to the CEO, it is likely that the process of appeals will take a couple of years. As a result, changes will have to be made to the business practices of the booking company in Spain.

The fine that has been imposed in the country adds to the regulatory problems being faced by

This also includes imminent action being taken by the European Union under the Spanish Digital Markets Act (DMA).


There is no doubt that the importance of in the travel and tourism sector remains paramount.

As of now, it is the largest travel agency online, which strives to provide accommodations to travelers and passengers alike.

The company also recently suffered a loss of no less than $276 million with regard to what it describes as the Dutch pension fund issue.

As per the case, an appeals court located in The Hague confirmed that is considered to be a travel agency.

As a result, employees working for the organization had to register themselves in a pension fund throughout the travel industry based in Amsterdam.

The report by Booking Holdings consequently reported that the net income in the fourth quarter went down by 82%.

Conclusively, the number fell to around $222 million, while its revenue went up by 18% and stood at $4.8 billion.

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