VFS Global has recently revealed that a higher number of residents and citizens from India are likely to be applying for Schengen visas in the upcoming year.

The visa outsourcing company is also expecting high volumes of visa applications, as compared to the levels recorded before the pandemic.

VFS Global

VFS Global went on to add that a higher number of Indians are likely to fill in the application in the ongoing year.

This is mainly because the company believes the interest of Indians is closely linked to the greater capacity in various locations across the country.

While making predictions for the current year, Vishal Jairath, the head of VFS Global’s South Asian branch, stated that visa applications will not only be higher in this year, but will show record volumes as compared to all the previous years.

He went on to stress that more jobs have opened up for Indians, which means they will have an increased number of appointments to apply to.

In addition, Jairath noted that the company has been making appropriate preparations to ensure that it has the capacity to accept a higher number of applications, specifically those coming from Indians.

In his words, the situation for travel and tourism, as well as quality of life, has improved overall in 2023.

Thus, it is expected that 2024 will bring in a higher number of people in 2024 to apply for Schengen Visa, as the appointment availability for visa and jobs has significant improved.

Schengen Visa

The head of VFS Global’s South Asian wing additionally revealed that at the moment, Indians will be able to secure appointments for Schengen Visa available within the week.

He went on to stress that in most cases, applicants from the country can find appointments available for the very next day, without waiting for open slots.

But despite visa appointments having a greater capacity and being available in a short period of time, people have been advised to make plans well in advance.

Moreover, it has been suggested that those who are applying for the Schengen Visa should do so ahead of time as the warmer months bring in greater demand.

Consequently, with a rise in visa applications in the summer months makes it difficult for people to secure appointments.

Limited slots

It is no secret that there have been limited number of appointments for Indians in the past, whether it was for travel, study, or work.

Consequently, they would have to wait for slots for a significant period of time, as well as suffer through long waiting visa processing times in the past.

However, additional staff has now been deployed in various Schengen Member states to expedite this process.

As a result, the relevant authorities believe that the processing of Schengen Visa applications is going to be more streamlined and at a quicker pace.

This will allow Indians to learn the decision of their Schengen Visa applications in a shorter period of time as compared to before.

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