3 Day Tour in Armenia


Day 1

  1. Mt. Aragat
  2. Amberd Castle
  3. Ohanavank Monastery
  4. Saghamosavank Monatery
  5. -Armenian Alphabet
  6. Genocide

Day 2

  1. Tsaghkadsor
  2. Garni Temple
  3. Geghard Monastery
  4. Sevan Lake
  5. Sevanavank Monastery
  6. Kecharis Monastery

Day 3

  • Local market Shopping and drop off airport.

***Child Under 7 is Free


Tour in Armenia Package Includes

3 Days 2 Nights

  • Airport Pickup and Drop off
  • 3 Star Accommodation Hotel/Apartment with daily Breakfast
  • Travel Insurance
  • Mineral water during tours

What to do when you are in Armenia

Armenia in the last couple of years has become a very popular tourist destination in the world with several tourists visiting the country each year. Are you wondering why is that? The country has some great landmarks and provides fun activities for tourists of all ages. If you plan to visit Armenia anytime soon, you might want to know about some of the best things you can do in the country while you are in town. Read on to learn about the 3 most satisfying and exciting activities you can engage in on your 3 day tour in Armenia.

Hike to the Gorgeous Monasteries of Armenia

There is no doubt that an ideal thing to do while you are visiting the country is take a hike to the gorgeous monasteries of Armenia. The majority of Armenia’s medieval monasteries and churches are set in beautiful remote mountain environments. So, if you are a hiking enthusiast, this activity will be extremely exciting for you as well as for those who have an interest in religion and an ardent passion for history.

Make sure to check out the fantastic Geghard Monastery that is nestled in the beautiful Upper Azat Valley, a likely jam-packed and lively day trip from the city capital. You can take a walk from the Garni Temple along the Azat River to explore gorgeous basalt column cliffs that feature incredible and interesting tube-like rock formations.

Experience Nightlife of Yerevan

The capital city of Armenia, Yerevan has an incredible choice of bars, restaurants, and clubs as well as a terrific opera house.

A sweet little joint to spend some quality time is the cozy and characterful Malkhas Jazz Club, with 2 live nightly performances and open until 2 am in the morning time. This happens to be one of the best and most vibrant clubs in Armenia and a place that you should certainly check out if you have a thing for quality music!

If you are seeking a different vibe, you can visit the El Sky Bar located at Yerevan Plaza Business Centre. They provide panoramic views, excellent DJ sets, and fantastic cocktails. Altogether, the Yerevan nightlife is super and cool and something you should explore in Armenia especially if you are young and full of energy!

Take A Tour of Lake Silivan

Lake Silivan is one of the highest altitude freshwater lakes in Armenia. Scores of tourists globally visit this particular lake in Armenia on a daily basis and this is definitely one of the prime tourist attractions in the country you need to see if you like peaceful settings and great views. When you explore the lake, you get fantastic views of the nearby mountains. These mountains look very grand against the backdrop of the lake and make for some cool pictures from your camera or smartphone! If you are someone who prefers the quiet, you can visit the lake early in the morning when there are fewer tourists around and the place is very calm.

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Adult, above 12, Child, under 12