Europe is one of the best places to visit for anyone who wants to explore the diversity of nature. It has something to offer to every type of nature lover, whether you are into charming villages, crystalline coastlines, vast meadows, lush countryside, or beautiful mountain ranges. You can take advantage of fabulous exploring and sightseeing opportunities when you visit these natural landscapes. Some of the European countries you should add to your bucket list when you want to enjoy nature are highlighted below.


Not only is Greece worth visiting for its beautiful islands and ancient ruins, but is also a haven for nature lovers. There are peaceful rivers, tall mountains and green forests all over the country. You can hike up Mount Olympus, check out the world’s deepest canyon Vikos Gorge, or see the flowers in Pelion.


While the country is known for its culture-filled and historic cities, there are natural landscapes you can enjoy outside of the urban centers. There are charming villages, picture-perfect coastlines, breathtaking lakes, towering peaks and wine-growing areas. Italy can offer an ideal escape whether you like small villages, want to explore beach destinations or enjoy mountains. Visit the beaches of the Amalfi Coast, hike in the Dolomites, take in the beauty of Lake Como, or taste wine in the Tuscany region.


There is a stunning diversity of landscapes that France has to offer. While the romantic charm of Paris is undoubtedly appealing, there are numerous opportunities for you to explore nature. Climb the Dune of Pilat, Europe’s highest dune. Tour the spectacular French Riveria, visit the magnificent beaches in Normandy, Brittany, or Cote d’Azur, or enjoy mountain activities in Mont-Blanc.


The striking natural wonders that Norway has to offer cannot be found elsewhere. There is an avalanche of glaciers, magnificent fjords and rugged coastal mountains. There are opportunities to view the midnight sun. You will have no shortage of uniqueness when it comes to nature in Norway. Explore the most stunning fjord in the world, Geirangerfjord. There are stunning waterfalls like the Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil. You can also find some great spots for viewing the world’s best northern lights in Norway. These include Senja Island, the Lofoten Islands, The North Cape, Kirkenes and Alta. There are also some fabulous beaches in Norway, such as Unstad Beach, Orre Beach and Godalen Beach.


Nature lovers will find Croatia to be the perfect place to visit, a country often called a Medieval Mediterranean jewel. This country boasts a unique cultural heritage and is full of natural beauty, including ancient walled towns and pristine beaches with blue waters. Marvel at the well-preserved forests and blue waterfalls of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. There are various scenic trails where you can go hiking, such as the Golden Cape Beach Trail on Brac Island. The country’s coastline also offers you some gorgeous beaches, such as Punta Rata Beach, Sveti Jakov Beach and Dubovica Beach.

Add these European countries to your itinerary and enjoy the perfect beauty of nature.         

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