Eurostar made an announcement recently stating that it is offering no less than 75,200 promotional fares for the first couple of months of the upcoming year.

The journeys via trains have garnered some attention in the last few months due to the introduction of new rail routes.

Consequently, people who are more eco-conscious and do not appreciate the hassle of facing flight delays have opted to travel via train.

However, the prices of train tickets have led to some hesitation among travelers, meaning that holidaymakers tend to opt for the purchase of cheap flight tickets.


In light of people preferring airplane tickets over trains, Eurostar, the international rail company, decided to release thousands of promotional fares, which will take travelers to and from the city of London.

According to the company, a trip to Europe is just what people need to keep their winter blues at bay.

A total of 75,200 promotional fares have been introduced for this purchase, with each ticket being priced at £39.

Single fares have been made available for all trips that are booked between the 3rd of January and the 16th of March of the upcoming year.

However, it has been revealed that travelers have less than a week to benefit from the offer, which will end on the 27th of November, as the clock strikes midnight.

Moreover, the sale will apply to standard class tariffs, giving travelers the option to travel to Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Lille, and Brussels from London St Pancras.


As per another announcement made by the international company, Eurostar offers an extended train network that connects to around 18 destinations located across Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Germany.

Consequently, travelers can choose to extend their journey all the way to Germany if they please.

In addition, they could choose to connect to cities, such as Dortmund, Dusseldorf, and Cologne in Germany from Brussels.

On this occasion, the company has spoken about availing its discounts in the most efficient manner.

It added that people who book their trips well in advance will have the opportunity to avail a low-cost fare, especially for peak times, like weekends and bank holidays.

Eurostar further advised that using its app to book will streamline the process and inform people of deals and new offers as they come in.

Other tickets

In case people are unable to decide in a short time span, they have been allowed to book a flexible ticket from Eurostar.

As per the company, this ticket will allow travelers to make a change in their booking date and location whenever they want, without paying a fee.

However, it specified that this option is only available up to 7 days before the train is set to depart.

Another tip offered by Eurostar for its users is to opt to book mid-week travel, as the cheapest train tickets are usually available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays rather than any other day of the week.

As of now, the cheap tickets and discounts being offered by the company are selling out fast, thus promoting the use of rail, over planes.

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