Due to the strike action being taken by workers of air traffic control in France, airlines across Europe have been facing difficulties.

Consequently, the aviation authorities and airlines operating on the continent are unhappy with the disruptions being caused in light of the industrial actions that were announced a few days ago.

As per the announcement, the strikes are going to last for a couple of days into the week and perhaps even longer.

The workers have revealed that they are protesting a new law that requires them to share their plans to go on strike at least 48 hours before they walk out.


The French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) has clapped back against the strike action, thereby ordering carriers to cut down on their usual schedules by 25%.

This will take place at the Toulouse and Paris-Orly airports. Meanwhile, 20% of the flights will be reduced at the Marseille and Bordeaux.

These disruptions in flight plans have not just affected the airports in France but had an impact on flights across the continent.

Airlines such as EasyJet, Iberia, Ryanair, and British Airways have been forced to cancel some of their short-haul flights, which also include overflights to various destinations that do not lie in the territory of France.


According to EasyJet, it expects a number of delays and disruption to an extent on account of the industrial action taking place in France.

Despite this situation being out of the control of airlines, EasyJet assured its customers that it is trying its best to minimize disruptions in flights that could take place due to the ongoing strike action.

On the other hand, Ryanair, an airline operator based in Ireland, has deemed the industrial action of the ATC in France to be unacceptable.

It has urged the European Union to deal with the matter personally on legal grounds to protect overflights in the course of the industrial action.

A spokesperson for the airline has further added that various calls have been made to Ursula Von Der Leyen, the commission president of the EU.

However, they revealed that they had not received any response from the representative about their complaint.

Moreover, they added that no steps had been taken to protect passengers, as well as overflights, during the ongoing ATC strikes.

Ryanair clarified that while it does not have an issue with ATC unions in France exercising their right to go on strike.

However, it added that the EU commission should ensure that cancellations on account of the industrial actions should only be allocated to French flights.

It added that it is unfair to force other airlines to cancel their flights, especially those overflying France while on their way to any other unrelated destination in the EU.


With the EU commission not taking any action, Ryanair has taken the matter to the passengers.

Consequently, it has asked them to sign a petition to urge the EU Commission to listen to its requirements.

Up until now, more than two million passengers of the airline have agreed to sign the petition.

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