The World Travel and Tourism Council, also known as WTTC has recently taken to advise the European Union regarding its travel and tourism industry.

According to the organization, the relevant authorities and stakeholders in the industry should support their sector, which is responsible for employing a large number of people.

As of now, the industry supports employment for more than 22 million individuals, and the economy in the EU reaps the rewards of no less than €1.4 trillion in earnings.

The call

The advice from the WTTC highlights several essential points in regard to the strengthening and modernization of the sector.

Consequently, the authority believes that this would allow the travel and tourism sector to contribute around €1.9 trillion to the economy of the EU by the year 2033 rolls around.

As per forecasts from WTTC, by 2033, the travel industry is all set to reach its groundbreaking milestone of surpassing €1.4 trillion with a significant amount.

As a result, this injection of substantial earnings, courtesy of the travel sector, will represent a significant tenth of every euro circulating in the economy.

In line with this, the Economic Impact Research (EIR) from WTTC has further forecasted that the sector is all set to support more jobs.

It added that if it continues to function in the same manner, with some improvements in certain areas, the travel and tourism sector could create no less than four million more new jobs by the year 2033.

This addition to the workforce will allow the industry to achieve 26.4 million total jobs among the member states, coming up to one in eight jobs.


In a statement released by the WTTC, it went on to add that it is in the process of convincing the EU to carry out a detailed and comprehensive policy impact assessment.

It added that this would cover the implementation of legislation that has an impact on the travel and tourism sector.

The organization went on to stress the need for harmony between existing sectoral commitments and environmental objectives.

It has issued various ‘Call To Action’ calls on leaders in the EU to realize and acknowledge that efforts are already being taken in the realm of travel and tourism.

However, the WTTC emphasizes that the relevant authorities need to come up with future legislation with respect to the environment to complement the ongoing objectives rather than hinder them.

It went on to advocate that simple policies should be eased to promote trouble-free and smooth travel, which would stimulate growth and lead to the creation of more jobs.


One of the key aspects of the modernization and improvement strategy would involve simplifying the visa procedures.

The global tourism authority has gone on to call the EU to insist on thinking about pursuing visa-free travel and getting rid of the existing barriers that hinder easy travel.

Moreover, the WTTC believes that an entry-exit system should also be implemented right away, which has already faced countless delays.

The organization believes that doing so will help boost the overall experience of passengers, thus encouraging more travel.

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