A recent study by the European Travel Commission (ETC) explored travel sentiment for the first four months of this year.

The results revealed that international travelers who plan on visiting Europe in 2024 are giving affordability and safety priority.

The study

The ETC focused on seven overseas markets and revealed that of all travelers, the highest interest shown in visiting Europe in 2024 was from countries like South Korea, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

The data from ETC revealed that almost 64% of the respondents are planning on traveling internationally in 2024, despite the increase in prices.

75% of the people who have intentions of traveling abroad in 2024 opted for the European Union as their preferred destination.

Meanwhile, the remaining 25% were considering other regions and destinations for their travel plans. ETC’s President, Miguel Sanz, also talked about the trend seen in the study.

He said that it was clear that the choice of destinations of travelers were determined on the basis of economic factors and safety.

He added that the resilience of the tourism sector in Europe and its enduring appeal remained strong as ever.

The numbers

According to the figures from the ETC, safety is the top priority of travelers planning to visit Europe in 2024, with 45% giving preference to safe travel environments.

The second priority at 38% is the high-quality tourism infrastructure. 35% of overseas travelers revealed that their top priority was affordability and famous landmarks.

Affordability is the main priority of travelers from America, Canada and Australia who plan on traveling to Europe.

31% of the respondents also revealed that pleasant weather was also one of the decisive factors for them in terms of travel.

As far as Chinese and Korean travelers are concerned, data showed that they give preference to European destinations that preserve cultural and natural heritage, 32% and 33%, respectively.

This highlighted their preference for authenticity.

The breakdown

Even though there were cocnerns about cost, 49% more Brazilians and 50% more Chinese are expected to travel to the EU this year, especially in the first four months of 2024.

Meanwhile, moderate interest has been shown by South Koreans and Australians at 40%, while Americans and Canadians are significantly less enthusiastic at 28%.

On average, most international travelers are planning on staying on the continent for one to two weeks and traveling to at least three EU countries.

Data showed that Brazilian and Chinese travelers are willing to spend more than €200 per day during their trip to Europe.

As far as travelers from South Korea and Australia are concerned, the ideal budget for them is between €100 and €200 per day.

This year, only 21% of the travelers planning to visit Europe are considering a daily budget of less than €100, with this option being the top choice of at least 36% Canadians.

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