In this upcoming winter season, Croatia has come up with a detailed plan to expand all of its airline offerings.

For this reason, it will establish no less than 150 separate, which is a significant surge from the 118 routes that were established in the previous year for the winter season.

As per the data provided by the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB), the country is all set to establish direct connections with at least 28 countries.

Consequently, these countries will be a part of the winter flight schedule in the coming months.

Moreover, these direct air routes will facilitate connections between Croatia and Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Austria.

Alongside various destinations in Europe, the country is also going to be setting up direct connections to different international locations.

Only a couple of these locations have been disclosed up till now, which includes Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Air traffic

Along with the announcement regarding Croatia’s expansion in direct air routes, the Director of the National Tourist Board in the country, Kristjan Stanicic, talked about the significance of air traffic.

He added that in order to boost the travel and tourism sector in Croatia, the country has had to expand its travel routes.

Consequently, the expansion of these routes would connect the country to a number of key source markets in seasons other than summer.

Furthermore, by introducing a couple of new airlines and increasing the number of direct flights to various European capitals, the authorities of Croatia hope to move their destinations closer.

In addition, the director believes that including new routes and airlines was likely to boost the number of passengers as well.


As of now, a handful of cities are believed to be at the top of the list to have the most robust planned airline connections.

These locations, such as Munich, Amsterdam, London, Vienna, and Frankfurt, are going to be facilitating direct links to no less than 69 international cities during the upcoming winter season.

It was further revealed that Zagreb Airport has been forecasted to play host to the highest number of flying operations, thereby contributing 65%.

This figure will be followed by Zadar and Split Airport, who have been forecasted to contribute an amount of 12% each.

It has further been announced that the winter flight schedule will include the participation of around 27 different carriers.

These carriers will then be operating flights to the country. Trade Air, Ryanair, Croatia Airlines, and Lufthansa are expected to carry out the highest number of operations in the winter season.


Based on the expansion of airline routes, Croatia is all set to see a significant increase in tourism in both the fall and winter seasons.

In the previous months, the country projected a total growth rate of over 20%, as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

The report further highlights different areas for improvement where Croatian authorities could substantially improve seasonal tourism patterns, especially when tourism is expected to be slower.

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