The Regional Statistics Service (SREA) carried out research to gather data regarding the total passenger landings in the Azores in the previous month, specifically October of 2023.

Consequently, it was able to ascertain that there was a significant surge in airport arrivals at the location, which set a new record. As of now, it stands at a total of 171,000 landings.

The air transport report further stated that in the month of October, a sum of 171,245 passengers landed at the Azores airport, which marked an increase of 7.3% as compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

The SREA went on to add that 80,715 passengers landed in the Azores, who had traveled from various other regions located in the national territory.

Meanwhile, 72,400 of the overall number were interisland travelers, while 18,130 traveled internationally to be at the Azores.


As per the report published by the SREA, the numbers recorded in October are the highest for this month when compared to the corresponding periods between 1986 and 2023.

In addition, this number has managed to substantially surpass the previous record landings of 159,561, which were the total arrivals in October of the previous year.

The organization also disclosed that the highest number of visitors arrived at the island through the Mainland and Madeira.

Passengers boarded flights at these two locations, which resulted in a record number of 80,715. Consequently, this indicated a year-on-year monthly surge of 3.9%.

Meanwhile, interisland flights took up a sizable chunk as 72,400 arrived at the Azores from nearby islands. This contributed to a 7.4% surge in passenger arrivals as compared to the same period in 2022.


The SREA pointed out that the figures for October of the current year have shown an upward trend in comparison to the same period of the previous year.

According to this data, it was also revealed that travelers who took international flights showed the most significant monthly increase, where year-on-year figures are concerned.

It was revealed that due to international landings coming out to 18,130, the growth rate was 25.7% as compared to the corresponding month of 2022.

In addition, the report from SREA further highlights a positive trend in the monthly year-on-year variations in terms of passenger arrivals across a number of regions.


Across the archipelago, the highest number of passengers who landed in the Azores came from Faial. A total of 10.8% of arrivals were attributed to the region.

Sao Miguel followed Faial with a growth rate of 8.6%, as compared to the same month of the previous year, and Santa Maria brought up the rear with 6.7%.

Furthermore, Pico recorded an increase of 5.8% and Graciosa of 5% in the number of passenger landings in the Azores.

On the other hand, the only region that recorded a decline was Corvo, which stood at 2.8%.

Where the islands with the most dominating number of travelers are concerned, Sao Miguel came out on top with 102,048 passengers.

Terceira and Faial followed behind with 35,782 and 11,124 interisland arrivals in the Azores.

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