Top 4 Tourist Attractions To Visit In Frankfurt, Germany

A European trip isn’t complete without a stop in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial hub. The city, with its colorful structures and stunning tourist attractions, makes everyone go crazy. One of the most outstanding features of the location is that it has managed to keep most of its imperial charms, making it easy to incorporate into the travel plans of visitors and travelers from all over the world. While huge skyscrapers dominate the cityscape, there are a few additional locations to see in Frankfurt that have piqued the interest of travelers from all over the world. Here are the top 5 tourist attractions that you must visit.


It is true that the terms Frankfurt and Romerberg are synonymous. A collection of oddly shaped buildings in the city square’s center gives off a lovely vibe. The square is one of the city’s most famous landmarks, and it is often bustling with people. The open-fronted stores, which still exude an old-world charm, are one of the most important characteristics that have stayed intact. A trip to Frankfurt isn’t complete without a visit to this location!

Main Tower

While Frankfurt has several high-rise structures overlooking the streets, only the Main Tower provides a full panoramic perspective of the city to the public. The Main River, which runs through the city’s veins, inspired the building’s name. Take the elevator to the 650-story structure, which slices through the skyline with its striking shape. To complement this breathtaking vista, have a big lunch and a beverage. It is definitely a sight to behold and one of Frankfurt’s must-see attractions. The best time to visit is April-May, August-September

Goethe Museum

The Goethe House is located in Frankfurt and is the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany’s most famous author, and poet. The bourgeois architecture of this 18th-century mansion paints a vivid image of Goethe’s childhood. After all, this is where Goethe grew up with his parents and sister. It is a timeless architectural wonder, not merely a tourist attraction!

After being destroyed during World War II, the structure was reconstructed as closely as possible to its original state, making it a significant tribute to the German poet who had a significant cultural influence in the nineteenth century. There are noteworthy paintings and photos on each floor of the building that illustrate the writer’s affinity to art, as well as ancient furniture, including the desk where Goethe authored books like The Sorrows of Young Werther and Faust.

Eiserner Steg

Among the various tourist attractions here, the famed iron and concrete footbridge — Eiserner Steg — is one of the most popular photo opportunities. It spans the major river and connects Frankfurt’s old center with Germany’s Sachsenhausen area.

Given Frankfurt’s popularity as a walking city, this bridge is readily traversed by over 10,000 walkers each day, including tourists and backpackers like you.

Though Eiserner Steg has stood since 1868, it has undergone numerous renovations over the years, including structural repairs, elevators and ramps for easy access, and a refurbishment after it was blown up by the Wehrmacht (United Armed Forces).

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