Things For You To Do When Visiting Salzburg

Located in Northwest Austria, Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, both because of its magnificent setting and its architecture. Stretching along the banks of the River Salzach, this picturesque city emerges from the Salzburg Alps. It has special fame in the music world because it is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Different festivals showcasing his music, the museum in his family home, and the melodies ringing out daily on the glockenspiel are some of the ways in which this rich heritage is reflected. Find out all the best places to visit and things to do when you go on vacation to this beautiful corner of Austria:

1- Salzburg Fortress

This imposing fortress is also known as Hohensalzburg Castle and it sits on the top of Festungsberg Hill. Since the 1000’s, it has served the rulers of Salzburg as a major power hive. The castle has undergone a number of transformations since its inception and there have been numerous expansions and additions, which include a Funicular Cable Car that leads to the bottom of the Hill thereby giving tourists easy access. The building’s striking white exterior stands out, whereas there are many walls and courtyards from where you can look down on the city of Salzburg. There are various wings and rooms to explore inside, which contain traditional décor and artifacts.

2- Salzburg Old Town

The Salzburg Old Town or Altstadt is considered the largest UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to its area and it boasts beautifully designed squares, historical buildings, and quaint little side-streets that lead to forgotten corners. It encompasses some of the main sights of the city and the building style is mostly Baroque and Medieval architecture, making it a wonderful place for you to walk through. It is a perfect starting place for your visit to Salzburg and you can spend a day admiring the sights, getting lost in the streets, doing some shopping and having some coffee.

3- Mirabell Palace and Gardens

While there are plenty of gardens and historical buildings in Salzburg, the Mirabell Palace is considered one of the finest in Austria and is truly outstanding. It is categorized as a cultural heritage monument that was built in 1606 as a pleasure palace. The Palace Concerts are conducted in the striking Marble Hall and it also has some wondrous gardens that you can check out at your leisure. You can get excellent views of the Salzburg Cathedral from the garden and it also has a symmetrical design that emphasizes mythology, such as the Pegasus Fountain, along with other hedges, fountains, and themed gardens.

4- Mozart’s Residence

The fame and influence of Mozart will become apparent wherever you visit Salzburg. Originally born in a small house, the family moved to Makartplatz to what is now called ‘Mozarts Wohnhaus’. After it was destroyed in World War II, the building was reconstructed and they tried to keep as close to the original design as possible. Today, it is open as a museum that contains biographies of all family members, along with their day-to-day life photographs. This museum is a must-visit for any Mozart fan.

5- Hellbrunn Castle/Palace

This is located in Salzburg’s southern Morgz district and is surrounded by a beautiful park, while the Salzburg zoo is also nearby. It was created as a residential villa in the 1600s, much like Mirabell Palace, and has a fully symmetrical front façade with a lively yellow rendering. Hellbrunn’s main attraction is the trick fountains and the gardens. The latter is downright magical and comprise of different fountains, grottos, and water automats. The water features are a favorite of visitors, as they try and trick you. These include seats with holes that spurt water as people try to sit down.

6- Salzburg Cathedral

Located in an enclosed square, the Salzburg Cathedral is an excellent example of the Baroque cathedral. It was initially created in 774 but has been demolished and reconstructed several times since then. Now, it is regarded as a striking piece of architecture, as there are dual bell towers in the front. The design may be relatively simple, but the interior is magnificent.

7- Getreidegasse

This popular and famous street in Salzburg runs for a stretch and is a notable destination for shopping in the old town. A number of buildings are packed together on the narrow street and they have quaint little windows and beautiful designs. Many courtyards and passageways can be found on the main street and they are some really romantic areas to explore. The shops you can find here offer antiques, jewelry, traditional costumes, fashion and plenty of boutiques. You can also find a mouth-watering selection of cafes and eateries to enjoy and various historical buildings can also serve as points of interest.

8- Toy Museum

Many believe that the Toy Museum is just for children, but this is not true. The Salzburg Toy Museum is located close to Mirabell Palace and Mozartplatz and it is a fantastic place that will provide hours of excitement and fun for children and adults alike. It is divided into two sections, with the ‘museum’ part comprising of historical displays of old games and toys, whereas the ‘hands-on’ part containing different interactive activities and rides, such as a mini-race circuit, marble run, and an imitation shop. There are special themed and seasonal activities as well, which means there is always something entertaining and fun.

9- Hangar 7

Unlike a typical hangar, this fantastically designed building does have some aeronautical artifacts. It is located next to the main Salzburg Airport and contains a café, several bars, an outdoor lounge, a Michelin Star restaurant, several Formula 1 and motorbike exhibits, and a spectacular display of airplanes ranging from an Alpha Jet Aircraft to a Cobra Helicopter. Hangar 7 is an exciting and fun place to see because of the swanky social areas, the well-presented displays, and also the architecture of the hydrofoil domes.

Add these things to do to your list when you visit Salzburg and make your trip a memorable one!

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