Interesting Things To Do When You Visit Linz

The capital of Upper Austria, Linz is the third-largest city in the country after Vienna and Graz. Its location is very attractive because it straddles the banks of the River Danube on both sides. The city is famous for its many cultural activities, fine museums, and churches and it was the home of some of the most creative people in Austria, such as composers Anton Bruckner and Wolfgang Mozart, novelist Adalbert Stifter and renowned scientist Johannes Kepler. Linz is one of the most picturesque cities of Austria and its location makes it an excellent spot for exploration of the surrounding attractions and countryside.

If you are planning on visiting this lovely corner of Austria, some of the interesting things that you should check out are:

1- The Ars Electronica Centre

Known as the Museum of the Future, the Ars Electronica Centre is a must-visit for all those fascinated by technology. It is one of the most fascinating places to check out and you will get to see the different types of technology, along with their interactive features. It is divided into different sections and rooms that contain various items like a massive 8k resolution screen showing numerous parts of the globe in stunning high definition, new technologies like robots responding to their names being called out, interactive screens displaying satellite images of the earth, virtual ping pong game and an information system that can be accessed via a special touch pen.

2- The Old Cathedral (Church of Ignatius)

You will find impressive domed towers in this Baroque church that stands near the Hauptplatz square. The Cathedral serves as the diocese of Linz and was dedicated to Saint Ignatius. It was originally constructed in 1669 by Jesuits. While the exterior may not appear to be as lavish as some of the other European Cathedrals, the interior is downright wonderful and the towers do manage to catch the eye. The lavish interior includes choir stalls and a wooden pulpit that’s ornately decorated, along with a number of pink marble columns. You will also see a high altar that has religious paintings.

3- Lentos Art Museum

There are several modern museums in the city of Linz and the Lentos Art Museum is one of them. It has a dazzling exterior that lights up at night in bright neon colors. Other than its exciting exterior, there is a staggering array of artwork in the museum and it is considered one of the most prominent artwork repositories in Austria. You will find more than 1,500 pieces of work that range from classical modernist to expressionist pieces hailing from the 1930s as well as the modern 19th century. Other than the extensive artwork, there is also a selection of photography and sculptures that you can feast your eyes on.

4- The Pöstlingbergbahn

In the northern area of Linz is the Pöstlingberg hill and a narrow-gauge railway made for climbing up its steep incline is the Pöstlingbergbahn. The sublime old railway starts from one of the main squares in the center of Linz and winds its way steadily yet steeply to the top of Pöstlingberg. The trip will give you a chance to see plenty of beautiful scenery and the cityscape of Linz. The carriages are all stylish and old, but they have been upgraded and retrofitted with modern electrics for safety reasons.

5- Hauptplatz

Stretching from Klosterstrabe to nearly the banks of the river Danube is the main square of the city of Linz, which makes it quite an impressive open space. It is undoubtedly a central part of this city and the Trinity Column is what dominates it. This is 20m high and is dedicated to different times of hardships and disasters over the years. Markets were held there in the square in the past, which brought a lot of economic success to Linz. Today, it has become a place for admiring the stylish architecture or sitting in one of the cafes for people watching.

6- The New Cathedral (Cathedral of Immaculate Conception)

As opposed to the rather plain design of the old Cathedral i.e. the Church of Ignatius, the New Cathedral appears to have a detailed and elaborate exterior with numerous turrets and stained glass windows. The New Cathedral, also called Neuer Dom, has a capacity of almost 20,000 people, which makes it spacious and the largest in Austria by size. The ‘Linz’ window is the most famous of all the glass stained windows, as it depicts the history of Linz in great color and detail. Thanks to the many windows, the interior gets an abundance of light and the sunshine gives it a lovely warm glow. The rays of the sun fall through the window, casting great shadows on the columns.

7- Linz Botanical Gardens

The most stunning and finest in all of Europe, these Botanical Gardens are also known as the Gugl. With more than 10,000 types of plants spread across 40,000 square meters, you can spend hours exploring the wonders of nature in this garden. You will find an outdoor section boasting different themed gardens, like an area that has a pond filled with water lilies, or a Japanese garden. There is also an impressive arboretum that has approximately 700 varieties of trees, along with five greenhouses that are laden with a mind-boggling display of beautiful flowers, cactus, and plants. These gardens are undoubtedly a relaxing and enjoyable experience and an excellent way of doing something other than sightseeing.

8- Donaupark

Next to the Lentos Museum and on the river Danube, everyone can enjoy the Donaupark because it is a lovely place to relax. You can find everything you see in a typical public park here, including fountains, benches, and scattered trees, along with some modernist sculptures. This park is used for recreational purposes by the locals due to which you will often see cyclists, joggers, and others playing sports or relaxing.

You can have fun when you add these interesting things to see and explore in Linz on your trip. Book your tickets now!

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