The Best Things To See And Do In Liège

Liège is one of the most populous cities in all of Belgium and rewards all those who visit it with delicious Belgian cuisine and enchanting streets. It has all the ingredients you need for a break from your busy life. The city is walkable, charming, and leafy, with a rich history, sitting on the River Meuse.

Take a walk down the narrow cobbled streets and keep an eye out for ancient quirky architecture, as well as park-based art galleries. Mingle with the locals and enjoy the best beer in Belgium. Indulge yourself in delicious bites of meatballs to waffles and beyond.

  1. Browse the Art at La Boverie

There is something inexplicably romantic about an art gallery that sits inside a beautiful, lush park. La Boverie is only a couple of steps away from the Liège station. The Parc de La Boverie displays international exhibits, as well as fine arts. You can browse through the impressive historical collections related to the City of Liège or go through various projects on contemporary culture.

Many well-known exhibitions from the past have also been curated, in line with the likes of the Louvre. The permanent collection at the La Boverie includes masterpieces created by Pablo Picasso, Rene Magritte, and Lambert Lombard.

  1. Indulge Your Taste Buds with a Liège Waffle

If you are in town, then you absolutely cannot leave without trying a Liège waffle. In order to indulge your taste buds, you need to make your way to the Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette and stand in a queue, which is so long that it goes around the block. The hype should tell you just how delicious this waffle is. This gourmet ice cream parlor and bakery is situated right at the center of the city of Liège and is a favorite of all those who come here.

The owners only use local producers to create these delicious bites without using any additives. Be sure to order a fresh cinnamon waffle to take with you.

  1. Take in the Ambience of Place du Marche

Right in the heart of Liège sits this historic and popular market square. On Sundays, you can see locals milling around here for coffee, after paying a visit to Marche de la Batte. It is a vibrant and large weekly street market, located in close proximity of the Meuse River, ever since the 16th century. The square is also dotted with cafes, restaurants, and bars, and houses the Perron Fountain. This is a local symbol for freedom and justice and stands tall in front of the city hall constructed in the 17th century.

  1. Hit the Town on the Neighborhood of Rue de Carre

This neighborhood is well-known, and you will see various students from across the city hanging out here. Its narrow streets are littered with numerous bars that sell cheap Belgian beer, as well as independent shops that sell almost everything from waffles and chocolates to souvenirs. You can also find snug little restaurants in Rue de Carre. This place comes alive at night and crowds spill out of bars, into the alleys.

  1. Admire the Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew

This gorgeous white and red sandstone church was founded sometime between 1010 and 1015. It sits outside the walls of Liège and is the oldest building in the city. As soon as you lay eyes on this structure, you will be wowed by its Rheno-Mosan architecture. It also houses rare and remarkable Liège Baroque furniture, which sits within whitewashed walls and shiny marble floors. In the year 2006, the church resurfaced after undergoing a renovation that took no less than seven years. More than 10,000 stones were replaced during this time.

  1. Taste Sensational Meatballs of Liège

Bouelts a la liegeoise are traditional Liège meatballs and a delicacy that you must try when in town. Café Lequet stands in close proximity to River Meuse and is said to serve the best meatballs in the entire city. Its serving includes two large hearty meatballs, which are half beef and half pork, covered in thick and dark rabbit sauce. In addition, the dish is served with fries, making this a finger-licking good meal. Do not be alarmed by the name of the sauce as it is not actually made out of rabbits but, pears, onions, vinegar, and apples. It has only been named so because rabbit is often served in it.

  1. Scale the Grand Bueren

Montagne de Bueren, or the Mountain of Bueren, has 374 steps and a slope of roughly 30 degrees. In the past, this grand mountain was also nominated as the most extreme stairway across the globe. It is truly a sight for sore eyes, especially if you happen to visit on the first Saturday of the month of October. The Night of the Hills, or La Nocturne des Coteaux, is when numerous candles are placed on these stairs to create a breathtaking display.

  1. Explore the Interesting Cour Saint-Antoine

The inner courtyard is as gorgeous as Saint Antoine has been depicted to be in Dali’s painting. The central sculpture is the main attraction of the courtyard and consists of a stream that lazes through a channel drain. This connects the Mayan pyramid to an obelisk of Egyptian origin. A single row of buildings is designed in a way that there is a column in the center of each. This forces inhabitants to go around it if they want to find their way to the door. This Mayan and Egyptian influenced sculpture is a work of art and a masterpiece of postmodern architecture. You will be in awe of its grandeur, especially when the court is completely silent.

These wonderful things will make your trip to the city of Liège pleasant and interesting. You are sure to return home with a renewed zest for life, nature, and delicious cuisine. Do not waste any more time and add the interesting city of Liège to your travel itinerary as soon as possible!

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