The Best Things To Do In The Wonderful City Of Bucharest

You know what to expect on a trip to London, Prague, Budapest, Paris, and Berlin. But what exactly comes to your mind when you think of Bucharest, which is one of the largest cities across the globe? Well, if you are unable to figure this place out, then follow this list. It will tell you all about the things you can do when visiting the grand city of Bucharest.

  1. See Incredible Architecture

Bucharest is often deemed to be the surrealist dream of an architect, or their worst nightmare. There is no in-between. Here you can find huge Stalinist architectural structures that line the boulevards, designed during the Communist reign in the country. Bucharest also houses charming and quiet tree-lined streets, dotted with Art Deco Villas. This city is considered to be the meeting ground for Eastern and Western styles of architecture.

  1. Discover Unique Museums

This wonderful city is home to more than 60 memorial houses and museums. Make sure to fit in a visit to the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Village Museum, which is an open-air experience, as well as the National Museum of Art of Romania. If you want to delve deeper into the art of the country, then you must visit the Museum of Art Collections, as well. It houses exquisite art from Romania.

Many also recommend the Storck Museum, which consists of incredible murals, along with Casa Melik, to take in the complete spirit of the oldest house in the city of Bucharest.

  1. Explore the Quirky Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods of this city are known for being distinct. Take a stroll down the large boulevards, which have been inspired by the ill-fated visit of Nicolae Ceausescu to North Korea. You will soon find yourself getting mesmerized by the winding cobbled streets of the Lipscani, the epicenter of the liveliness that Bucharest has to offer. Perhaps you can also cool off in the stunning Cotroceni, while you admire the imposing villas. Later on, have a meal at any restaurant in Floreasca, as it offers the best cuisine in the city. There are various other neighborhoods like these, be sure to explore them all!

  1. Uncover Charming Bookstores

The bookstores in this city are a wonderful place for you to pick up a souvenir, which is basically an album consisting of pictures of the breathtaking region of Bukovina in Romania. The location has magnificent castles and attracts numerous visitors throughout the year. The album could also be about Danube Delta, which is a popular wildlife destination on the continent.

If you are a book lover, make sure to visit Kyralina, which sits in a restored villa from the 19th-century, or the Carturesti Carusel.

  1. Take a Look at Original Street Art

There are numerous old buildings in Bucharest, whose roofs and walls are somewhat covered in a bunch of creative ways. Just recently, a project was developed by Make a Point, which involved a group of creative locals to cover several rooftops, as well as many blocks of flats, with attractive murals. All these works of art have been inspired by the identity of each of these neighborhoods that the locals belong to, specifically Pantelimon.

  1. Visit Monasteries and Churches

There are numerous monasteries and churches in the city of Bucharest. Various rituals are carried out here the same way as they were several hundred years ago. You can feel the spirituality of the Byzantine pulling you in at this location, where you can attend a morning or evening service way back in the 18th century, at the Stavropoleos Monastery, Plumbuita Monastery, or the Domnița Bălașa church. In addition, if there is a curse that you need to be lifted, then you should definitely head to the famous Zlătari church.

  1. Take a Break in the Park

If you want to escape the crowds in the lively city of Bucharest, then you can head to one of the many gardens or parks that it has to offer. Grădina Cişmigiu is a must-visit, which is simply a green oasis, sitting at the very center of the city. It is also the most popular and oldest public garden. In case you want to take a stroll down long lanes and wide lawns, you can head towards Tineretului Park or Herăstrău Park. The Parcului Natural Văcăreşti is another well-known park, which offers you a full and grand wildlife-watching experience. Moreover, get introduced to the varied local flora at the Botanical Gardens for a complete and pleasant outing.

  1. Taste the Delicious Food

A great way to get a taste of the delicious cuisine of Romania is by visiting a local café or restaurant in Bucharest. Make sure to taste the local staple dishes, such as papanași, mititei, and sarmale. Do not forget that the capital of Romania is also a great spot for you to revisit the best cuisine from all around the world.

  1. Go Shopping at the Market

There are numerous colorful markets in Bucharest, where you can easily find freshly produced local crops, such as mushrooms and berries, straight from the Carpathian Mountains. In addition, you can get a taste of the rich honey products, as well as the best quality vegetables and fruits.

A popular market in Romania is the Obor Market, which is also the biggest in the country. It is the best place, hands down, for an immersive experience. If you are a treasure hunter, however, you can visit the largest flea market in Bucharest, which is the Valea Cascadelor.

There are other numerous things as well for you to do in this wonderful city. From doing basic things like watching a movie or paying a visit to the beach, you can also indulge in the lively nightlife that it has to offer. Furthermore, make sure that you buy a traditional Romanian souvenir so that you can take a part of the local culture home to show off to your friends.

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