The Best Places To Visit In Georgia

An eastern European country, Georgia borders Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Russia. It doesn’t come off as a surprise that the country has become popular amongst tourists and travelers in recent years because of its traditional wine culture, the towering mountains of the Caucasus and the ancient monasteries. This has helped it become a beautiful, interesting and exciting travel destination. Thanks to its hiking opportunities and natural scenery, Georgia is the perfect spot for all nature enthusiasts. If you are traveling to the country, some of the best places that should definitely visit in Georgia are:

  • Tbilisi

It is simply not possible for anyone to visit this beautiful and breathtaking country and not visit its capital, Tbilisi. Not only is it the central transportation hub, but it is also buzzing with various activities and there are a number of sights to visit as well. You can find incredible architecture in the capital, from the Narikala Fortress overlooking the city to the majestic Holy Trinity Cathedral. If you want to enjoy more stunning views and have some fun, you can take a funicular or yellow Soviet service bus up to Mtatsminda Amusement Park.

Apart from that, the capital of Georgia also gives you a chance to try out the country’s cuisine. Tbilisi has numerous traditional restaurants that serve some classics, such as khinkali (Georgian dumplings), khachapuri (bread laden with cheese) and the delicious kupati, which is a sausage made from intestines, pork and spices. If you want to have an enjoyable night, you will also find a lively night scene in Tbilisi, which includes bars, clubs, live music venues and plenty of restaurants.

  • Mtskheta

The Best Places To Visit In Georgia

Located near Tbilisi, Mtskheta is a town that’s regarded as the center of the Georgian Orthodox church. Therefore, you will find various stone cathedrals that are spread across the town. Jvari Monastery is one of Mtskheta’s highlights and this 6th-century complex is located at a short distance from the center on a mountaintop. Georgia was one of the first countries to accept Christianity and this is one of the symbols of the country’s Orthodox Church. The major eye-catcher is the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral located in the heart of Mtskheta. Listed by UNESCO, this church was built initially in the 4th century and is undoubtedly a beautiful piece of architecture.

  • Kazbegi

The Best Places To Visit In Georgia

If you want to visit a mountain getaway, Kazbegi is one of the best options to explore and its principal municipality called Stepantsminda is at a distance of just three hours from Tbilisi. West of the town is the lonely giant Mount Kazbek, which is the highest mountain at over 5,000 meters. In fact, it is often considered a pilgrimage destination for fun and adventurous travelers. Its hiking trails and extensive glaciers draw many tourists to its legendary peak.

If you are after something less strenuous, you can hike to the Gergeti Trinity Church. This is a rather small church that’s located between Mount Kazbek and Stepantsminda. For more spectacular hiking, you can go to the Truso Gorge, which is located south of Stepantsminda at a distance of 20 kilometers. There is a beautiful river flowing through this valley, imposing mountains around it and abandoned villages.

  • David Gareja Monastery

There are several churches and monasteries in Georgia that are carved into rock formations or mountains and one of the most breathtaking ones is David Gareja Monastery. Dating back to the 6th century, some of the original frescoes of the monastery are still visible. You can take a walk through the cobbled alleyways and rooms and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see how the monks lived in the past.

Situated close to the border of Azerbaijan, this stunning cloister is surrounded by beautiful scenery that helps it stand out, as opposed to the other churches. There are magical rainbow mountains surrounding the David Gareja Monastery that can make your three-hour drive to it worthwhile. Behind the complex, there is also a hill where you can get a glimpse of the Azerbaijani steppe and multi-colored mountains to the south and north, respectively.

  • Kakheti

While there are grapes in every household of Georgia and a lot of families make their own wine, there is a particular wine region in the country known as Kakheti. Almost the entire area ease of Georgia is covered here and Telavi is its most famous town, which is regarded as an epicenter of wineries and tasting. You can find proof that Georgia’s winemaking history began almost 8,000 years ago and there are some wineries that still use some of the old methods. You can get a taste of the qvevri wines that are fermented and aged in large earthenware jars.

  • Tusheti National Park

Tusheti National Park is regarded as a part of the Caucasus mountain range, which is shared by Georgia and Russia. With its nerve-wracking roads that take you through mountain passes, green valleys and fortified towers, the Park is a treat to see. Like many other areas, the best way to explore the park is by hiking. While the road that winds through the Abano Pass is dangerous and scenic, it is definitely worth driving on. You can also stop at the Torha Pass viewpoint, where you can see swinging roads and the rocky mountains.

  • Borjomi

Known all over the world for its mineral water, this West-Georgian town also has some brilliant architecture and is a good spot for nature lovers. You can go to the Mineral Water Park, where you get to try out the Borjomi water directly from its source. The lovely Firuza house is a must-see if you want to take in some interesting architecture, or the colorful mansion called Romanovs’ Palace that boasts some historical exhibitions. The nature that surrounds the town has some excellent terrain for hiking and biking, as vast forests cover Borjomi. There are more than a dozen walking trails where people can have outdoor fun and it will keep them occupied.

Visit these beautiful places in Georgia to have a fun and memorable trip and an experience you will not forget any time soon.

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