Munich Airport has announced that it will be making greater efforts from now on to combat climate change.

One of the ways the airport plans on achieving its goal is by accelerating the timelines scheduled to achieve its Net Zero Target.

As per the revised timelines, the airport is going to try and reach this feat by the time 2035 rolls around instead of waiting until 2050 to slowly and steadily win the race.

Net zero

One of the first steps that Munich Airport is planning on taking to achieve net zero is to reduce its scope one and two emissions.

It has direct control over these specific emissions and is hoping to cut down on them by 90% at the minimum.

Moreover, the rest of the emissions will be eventually and permanently extracted from the atmosphere.

According to the airport authority, this will be done as part of its previously established sustainability initiative.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Minister of State, Albert Furacker, took to expressing his pride, saying that the five-star airport is taking these steps to display how ambitious it is about the environment.

He further added that the airport is determined to devise an effective climate strategy and see it through.

Furacker went on to state that sustainability and climate protection are taken seriously at the FMG and implemented in the best ways possible.

Jost Lammers

Meanwhile, CEO of the Munich Airport, Jost Lammers, emphasized that the goal of the Munich Airport to achieve Net Zero by 2035 is one that comes with its own set of challenges.

However, he acknowledged that in this day and age, it has become necessary for authorities to make bigger decisions in a bunch of areas.

He went on to fully affirm the commitment of the airport to achieving the goal it has set within the revised timeline.

According to the CEO, the airport has been further motivated by the role it plays as a green mobility hub.

Consequently, the airport authority has fully committed itself to making a contribution to decarbonized aviation, as well as advanced sustainability in the industry.

Munich Airport

In the most recent statement issued by the airport authority, it stated that it has come up with several comprehensive measures to achieve Net Zero.

These measures span four crucial areas: technical infrastructure and airport-specific facilities, energy supply, vehicle fleet, and buildings.

These initiatives, the statement said, are focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions in comparison to 2016, which has been determined to be the base year.

The reason the airport is opting to first reduce CO2 emissions is that it has influence over these by over 90,000 tons.

Furthermore, Munich Airport is going to be prioritizing a number of measures, which include the increased usage of renewable natural gas, which particularly includes biomethane.

This gas will be used for the authority’s cogeneration plant, which it operates in-house.

The substantial focus will also be on the expansion of photovoltaics, which is the procurement of electricity from different renewable sources.

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